Broccoli & Cashew Cheese Quinoa Burrito

This recipe, from the Oh She Glows cookbook, is a favorite of Nic’s and an easy midweek diner meal. I precook a pot of quinoa and blend up some cheese, and then it’s just pan fry some garlic, sun dried tomato, broccoli, and spices – add the quinoa and cheese – and presto: dinner.

Quinoa wraps

Indira loves this meal too – I bundle little amounts into torn pieces of wrap and she carefully removes the quinoa mixture to eat, leaving the wrap. Funny, she has to have the quinoa mixture in the wrap though – just like mum and dad!

To make the cashew cheese extra special, instead of just soaked cashews & nutritional yeast, add some lemon, salt, and dijon mustard to the mix. Yum!