Responsible Running at Rivers Kitchen

Indira and I coordinate a Responsible Run (beach stroll & pick up rubbish) at Freshwater Beach the first Sunday of every month. We’ve been doing it since she was born. On day dot, little Indi was on the beach taking three for the sea with her adoring parents. I love creating opportunities in my community for people to get involved, together, for the better of something.

beach clean up
over a year ago in the rain!
cleaning the beach
Family fun when Indi was a baby

Last Sunday was something special. Brooklyn joined us from the Blue Mountains so that she and her team from The Total Environment Centre could keep the rubbish we collected to create a touring art installation.

Beach Clean
Brooklyn with Nick & Brenda

In total we were 10 runners with bags from Taronga Blue to sweep the beach and chat. A group of children saw what we were doing and raced to help out. The group of them collected a substantial amount of plastic debris from around the pipes. As they were helping, a man approached and asked “do you have an extra bag?” Oh joy! That was the moment for me. The moment that makes all the effort worth it.

helping hands
Great to see kids helping out!

For those of you who know Freshwater Beach, on the Northern Beaches of Sydney, you may think that it’s already pretty clean. And besides other people’s rubbish is not your responsibility – right? Well, actually, there is a lot of micro-plastics, and small debris: straws, broken-down plastic, little soy-fish, etc., that does not go away.

Plastic debris
Plastic debris

Who this stuff harms is our marine life as it ends up in the ocean and is mistaken for food. Not only is plastic deadly for ocean life – if you eat fish, you’ll be eating plastic debris too.

beach rubbish
An example of one bag

So, come join us! It usually takes us about an hour to pack a full bag and then we can enjoy a cold 4 Pines on the beach and watch the sunset.

4 pines on the beach
Jody enjoying with us

Oh – and what does this have to do with Rivers Kitchen? Everything. Everything is connected, and while we do our best to eat healthily we also eat as plastic-free as possible. We live as plastic-free as possible. Because as fun as it is getting together with everyone on Sunday, the best thing would be to not create the waste in the first place. ? xRk

Oh! – To Join, follow on our Facebook group – and next clean up, on March 6th, 6pm happens to fall on Clean Up Australia day too! ?