Putting Fast Food Out of Fashion

I recently read The Happiest Refugee by Anh Do, and two things stood out. One being the exemplary parenting Do attributes, in part, to his success and the other to his early romanticisation of fast food. Do grew up in Sydney with little financial means and any financial wins were celebrated with fast food.

I grew up in Canada, also in a family without significant financial means, and thought of fast food as a special celebratory treat. I recall one time, after making new friends in year 5, I really wanted to impress them and invited them over for a sleepover. The night they stayed over we ordered Kentucky Fried Chicken and I was so proud that we could offer this. I mean, really proud.

Watching Cooked, the documentary series based on the book by Michael Pollan, I understood. So much marketing went into branding fast foods as luxury, providing solutions for busy mums. Mums who still spent time in the kitchen cooking by default became less attractive and associated to poverty. How strange to think about it now!

Unfortunately, although some people are waking up to the pleasures and benefits of slower home cooked meals, big food companies are targeting developing countries and pockets of poverty in developed nations.

At Rivers Kitchen, we think it is essential that babies and toddlers receive the best nutrition possible and are committed to providing excellent nutritional information with our food products.

After watching That Sugar Film, we are inspired to not only provide nutrition, but also access to quality information and support. I did not know that the highest purchaser of coca cola per capita, was here in Australia in the Northern Territory. We can run effective marketing campaigns just like other food companies, but use our market influence to inspire nutritious eating and sustainable health.

Eating fresh is cool! Eating at home is love! Eating healthy is self-worth! Someone, please pass me a megaphone and let’s change the story being told out there where people need it most.