Rivers Kitchen – is my kitchen. Plant-based. Simple recipes. Wholesome meals. What you will find here, in my extended virtual kitchen, are the recipes I’m trialling with my family applicable for pregnant mums, babies, and toddlers.

My daughter, Indira, is 18months old, (as of March 2016). And we are trying for a second baby. I will be sharing stories and ingredient nutritional information relevant for us in the hopes that they will be useful for you too.

When I was pregnant and especially when Indira was a baby I felt very isolated with our plant-based food choices. I was feeling very vulnerable (welcome to motherhood!) and searched for recipes and support on the path I was taking and then realised the importance of adding to that community of support.

So, welcome to my kitchen! Please share any tips or recipes that you use for your family too, looking forward to connecting with you.

Kristina Rivers

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